Interviewed by Alex Segura

Crime novelist and and comics guy Alex Segura interviewed me for his excellent newsletter 'Stuff & Nonsense' (you can subscribe here). He interviews a new writer every edition; I recommend his features on Jake Hinkson and William Boyle too. Worth checking out. Here's an excerpt from our interview:

Okay, another question: plot vs. character - where do you fall?

Plot. Character is a jerk around. Every single person on planet earth is interesting and has a motivating backstory and is capable of terrible crimes and/or great nobility. Almost none of these people do anything interesting, including myself. I hate how everyone with even the remotest pretension to craft and literature bangs on about character as this great rosetta stone of fiction, but damn, would any of us give a single fuck about Clarice Starling and her dad issues, if she worked in a carwash? I don’t think we would.   

Hmmm, pretty deep stuff from me there.

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