New Story 'New Anchor' available at Akashic Books

I have a short story published today by one of my favourite small presses: Akashic Books. You can read it here. Akashic is not only home to one of the best noir series but was founded by Johnny Temple, the bass player of one of my favourite bands (Girls Against Boys).

Hop over to to read the story in full but here's an excerpt:

New Anchor by Iain Ryan Moreton Bay, Brisbane, Australia

Never take a job in summer—that’s rule one. Rule two is never trust anyone. They have that rule all over, but rule one, that’s my thing. No one thinks straight in summer. You can’t rely on anyone after November.


They called me because they needed someone with a boat. “You can’t just waltz on over there on the ferry,” the guy said. “One of our guys tried that. The locals noticed.”

“And this woman? What’s she done?” They wanted me to watch her.

“We don’t know what she’s up to,” he said. “But Sammy doesn’t like her.” That was enough for me. Sammy didn’t like people who asked too many questions either.

“Okay. How many days you want?”

“As many as it takes.”

He gave me half the money upfront.

October had been quiet, but still. This was a big mistake.

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