• THE BARBARIAN Sold! Coming to bookstores in 2020.

  • NEON GREY Under construction.  



I use Scrivener. I love this thing. 

I currently use the Hemingway app to assist with editing.  



All social media is poison. I have a newsletter. That’s it.



I can play every Soundgarden riff.

I’m pretty into cooking. I do all the cooking in my household, pretty much. 

I’m writing a short journal entry for 5 minutes a day. I hate it.  

I’m meditating for 10 minutes a day, most days. I hate that too. 

I can't drink beer like I used to. 

I never go to the movies.

I watch a bit of TV.

I am Robocop.

I read books.

(An honest man is always in trouble, remember that Simon.)