I live in Melbourne (Brunswick East) with my partner and our young daughter. For a living, I work as an academic in a university music program. 


  • THE BARBARIAN My work In progress is a crime/mystery novel about an academic (and a barbarian). 

  • THE STUDENT (Crime/campus novel set in Gatton during the 1990s): This is out now via Echo / Bonnier Publishing. Despite this being my first foray into traditional publishing, The Student is one of the most avidly brutal things I've written to date. Here's a little interview I did about the book. 



I use Scrivener. I love this thing. 

I currently use the Hemingway app to assist with editing.  

I Buffer my tweets. It helps me keep my mouth shut.


I have a newsletter. It’s the type of marketing/outreach I prefer above all others. 

And a Twitter feed.

And a Facebook Page.

And GoodReads.

I’m erratic in all this except Twitter and the newsletter. 


My sludge metal band is on hiatus. 

I’m pretty into cooking. I do all the cooking, pretty much. 

I’m writing a short journal entry for 5 minutes a day. I hate it.  

I’m meditating for 10 minutes a day, most days. I hate that too. 

I can't drink beer like I used to. 

I never go to the movies.

I watch a bit of TV.

I am Robocop.

I read books.