I live in Melbourne (Brunswick East) with my partner and our young daughter. For a living, I work as an academic in a university music program.


  • THE STUDENT (Crime/campus novel set in Gatton during the 1990s): All going to plan, this will be the first of my books to receive proper retail distribution here in Australia. Strangely enough, this is one of the most avidly brutal things I've written to date. 


  • DRAINLAND (Book 1): Recently self-published. I'm sliding down the long-tail of Amazon's algorithms on this at the moment. 


  • HARSH RECOVERY (Book 2): This is coming out November 1st so production is really starting to ramp up. I'm on my last pass. My external editor is booked and soon it will all be her problem. 


  • CIVIL TWILIGHT (Book 3): Currently writing. I'm in the home straight on the first draft so I'm at the exact point where I have no real idea whether the book is up-to-scratch or total dog shit or a bit of both (my preferred option). I can say this: it feels a lot more casually violent than the previous two books. 



I use Scrivener. I love this thing. 

I currently use the Hemingway app to assist with editing. 

I layout the self-published stuff in Adobe InDesign. I do the covers in Photoshop. It's all pure punishment. 

I Buffer my tweets. It helps me keep my mouth shut.

I'm back on Spotify after the near-endless confusion of Apple Music. Records I like this years: Pussy's Dead by Autolux, AVVOLGERE by True Widow and Basses Loaded by Melvins.   


I have a newsletter. It’s the type of marketing/outreach I prefer above all others. There's an archive of previous newsletters here.

And a Twitter feed.

And a Facebook Page.

And GoodReads.

I’m erratic in all this except Twitter and the newsletter. 


My sludge metal band will probably release an album again soon. I'm going on a brief tour in October. Dad's still got it, apparently.

I’m pretty into cooking. I do all the cooking, pretty much. I like cooking. This is my favourite recipe at the moment. 

I’m writing a short journal entry for 5 minutes a day. I still hate it. 

I’m meditating for 10 minutes a day, most days. I hate that too. 

I can't drink beer like I used to. 

I never go to the movies.

I watch a bit of TV.

I am Robocop.

I read books.